May 24, 2019
Following the lead of their founder, Nick Assef, the negotiating style employed by the professional advisors at Lincoln Crowne and Company tends to be cutting edge, to put it mildly. Many of them even like to innovate in negotiations by engaging in tactics and strategies that are based not so loosely on "game theory." In addition to their expertise in negotiation, they also handle valuations and they will even help develop the best possible growth strategies. They understand issues regarding shareholder rights, and they can provide strategic due diligence, as well.

Lincoln Crowne and Company’s core principles include providing all clients with something more significant than the basic services they can get from virtually any other firm. They are well aware that no one is going to hires a firm like theirs without expecting a little extra. And Lincoln Crowne and Company delivers whatever it is they expect. and the firm makes sure they get exactly that. They can also offer assistance with many other areas and they have managed to build a great reputation in all of them.
February 23, 2019
The professionals who advise the biggest and best business clients at Lincoln Crowne and Company Pty. Limited have demonstrated themselves to be highly skilled negotiators. On their website, Lincoln Crowne promises to provide every client with “[b]usiness solutions with a focus on maximising shareholder value.” That may be why their clients love them.

As set out by the firm’s founder and Executive Director Nicholas Assef, Lincoln Crowne and Company has demonstrated its prowess as one of the best investment firms anywhere. Each professional working for Lincoln Crowne and Company was hired for their high skill level. That is why they are considered to be among the most dynamic and persuasive mergers and acquisitions investment bankers in the Australian and South East Asian markets, but their experience and skill goes well beyond that. They have worked on deals all over the world. Their clients get the benefit of their deep commercial and financial judgment and some truly innovative thinking. Lincoln Crowne strives to provide clear, independent advice.
November 28, 2018
According to its website, Lincoln Crowne and Company Pty. Limited strives to provide “business solutions with an absolute focus on maximising shareholder value” to every one of their clients. They intend to perform this feat by using the highest-quality innovative thinking in all deal making. Everyone at Lincoln Crowne and Co is highly experienced, which means they are able to employ deep commercial and financial judgment and clear independent advice in a way that any business can use in order to maximize their efficiency and profitability. Led by their founder and Executive Director Nick Assef, Lincoln Crowne has proven itself to be among the best anywhere.

The professionals at Lincoln Crowne are considered specialists in the Australian and South East Asian markets, but the reality is, they’ve completed deals worldwide. Over time, they have built up a wide range of experience and their team of investment professionals can be counted on to fill nearly every type of financial need a client can imagine. That is why they have come to be known as shrewd negotiators who are more than capable of completing any deal. It’s also a key reason they innovate so much. They like to apply tactics and strategies that are based on "game theory" for a simple reason; they work.

The highly experienced professionals who work at Lincoln Crowne and Company have played a role in building the strong reputations they have gained over time. They are all more than capable of conducting negotiations in many areas, including mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, valuation, growth strategies, shareholder rights, and strategic due diligence. Lincoln Crowne and Company can do the job.